How To Look Good On Camera

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Maybe you’re a cam girl looking to improve your business. Maybe you’re a cam customer wanting to help yourself when you do go on cam. In any case, this is the adult cam business, so being on camera is almost always in the cards (at least for the cam model). While it may be less […]

Why Live Cam Sex Can Be Better Than The Real Thing

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Sure, the title is absurd. But is the idea that live cam sex is better than real sex completely ridiculous? It’s ridiculous, just not completely. Let’s get into this and figure out exactly what I mean, folks.

What To Do If Your Wife Discovers Your Cheating with Cam Girls

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No one wants to feel like a home wrecker. Not our blog. Not anyone. But whether you run a bar, manage a dating site, or operate a live cam site, divorces and separations as a result of your business are inevitable. No one can control anyone’s behavior. With the adult industry, men or women straying […]

How To Have Explosive, Safe, Virtual Sex

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More and more people participate in virtual sex than ever before. And by the looks of things, there doesn’t seem to be any slowing in the trend. When a study on French people having virtual sex was performed, it clearly showed that lots of young people dig virtual intimacy.

How To Properly Flirt With Live Cam Girls

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You’re excited by the premise of partaking in a steamy adult live cam show. But maybe you understand you’ll feel awkward the moment you pop into the cam room. There she is, a sexy adult girl laying on a bed, chatting and responding to dozens of other guys. Who are you? Well, she doesn’t know. […]

British Woman Quits Job, Becomes Rich Cam Girl

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It’s a wholesome story about a small town girl who dreams bigger than her lowly work ask of her. A fairytale of sorts. OK, this isn’t a Cinderella tale, but it’s pretty damn good. A Gloucestershire woman ditched her mundane corporate job and signed up as an adult webcam girl. Now she’s raking in cash.

Tips For Interacting With XXX Live Cam Girls

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It can be hard. Not that, you freaks! Communicating with a XXX live cam girl can sometimes feel stressful. So how do we make it better? There are a lot of ways to make your adult live cams experience way more fun and dare I say, enlightening?

How To Use Adult Live Cam Sites To Start a Swinger Relationship

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You love your wife. But sometimes you struggle with thoughts of other women. She’s asked you about this before and when she does, your defensiveness is palatable. You don’t wanna talk about the truth. You consider the idea of swinger sex as a decent solution. But you aren’t sure how to breach the subject of […]

The Benefits of Working as an Adult Web Cam Model

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For many guys and girls, working as an adult web cam model has a variety of perks and benefits. That’s why it is so popular. While it can take time to build up followers and fans on your XXX live cams channel, the rewards for doing so are inarguable. Let’s have a look at the […]