It’s a wholesome story about a small town girl who dreams bigger than her lowly work ask of her. A fairytale of sorts.

OK, this isn’t a Cinderella tale, but it’s pretty damn good.

A Gloucestershire woman ditched her mundane corporate job and signed up as an adult webcam girl. Now she’s raking in cash.

27-year-old Emily Kathleen now makes almost $160,000 a year. Oh, and instead of working for the man, she employs 500 webcam girls herself. She’s a boss.

Emily was working as a customer advisor making about $15,000 a year and could barely afford rent, according to

Then, one day, she fell sick from COVID and left for good. She was super broke and nearly living on the streets. The pandemic and lockdown stressed her out and she couldn’t find it in herself to return.

Out of pure desperation, Emily decided to sign up as a XXX cam girl. Apparently, she made around $500 night one and quickly realize the benefits of being an adult cam model.

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Emily forms relationships with a lot of her clients. She removes her clothes, of course, but she also befriends and offers more of a long-distance girlfriend experience. Now Emily runs her own adult cam studio.

Emily finds the art of XXX live camming to be “empowering,” according to the same article.

“Webcamming has completely turned my life around.

“I was practically homeless a few years ago about to lose my council flat.

“I can’t believe where I am now, and I absolutely love what I do – and it helps that I earn really decent money.

“It’s not for everyone I found my calling and become my own boss.

“I want try and break the stigma around the industry and show how empowering this work can be for women.”

Emily believes that webcam girls face an unfair stigma. She says she helps work with her webcam model employs so that they feel more in control. She even says that “in webcamming, nudity is preferable but not essential.”

Emily also believes that all body types deserve representation online, as well as couples.

“I still can’t believe how much I love my job and the fact I’m not living pay cheque to pay cheque anymore.

“I want to help women gain confidence and live a better quality of life by finding the same financial freedom I did.

“It’s completely changed my life – and I hope I can do the same for others.”

Rock on, Emily.

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