More and more people participate in virtual sex than ever before. And by the looks of things, there doesn’t seem to be any slowing in the trend.

When a study on French people having virtual sex was performed, it clearly showed that lots of young people dig virtual intimacy.

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But virtual sex isn’t a simple endeavor. While it is becoming more widespread, that doesn’t mean that everyone is having the greatest time of their lives.

Virtual sex can be a complicated ecosystem. There are lots of things people could and should know prior to engaging in virtual sex, including on live cam sites.

Why Virtual Sex and Live Cams Are More Popular Than Ever

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First, it is important to understand why virtual sex has exploded in popularity.

There are two big reasons. The first is the most prominent.


The pandemic, which led to widespread global lockdowns, forced people to connect virtually. Many of these interactions were for work and friendships and family. But in a way, that greased the wheel to feeling comfortable using the web to connect romantically.

People were, bored.

People got, horny.

And this created an environment where people who might not normally engage in sexy time on a cam did just that.

This also pushed a lot of people towards live cam sites.


The web is faster now. It’s platform allows for bigger, more robust file size transfers. This means more video fun.

Most people now operate on super high-speed connections. So there’s less of the shaky video affect.

But understanding how and why virtual sex is exploding is one thing. How we can improve it and embrace a better experience is another.

Tips for Improving Virtual Sex Experiences

Having good, or great, virtual sex isn’t a gimme. Just like in-person romance, effort is a requirement.


You Need Trust

There’s a major flaw in the perception of virtual sex.

Because we aren’t meeting in person, we feel a false sense of safety and security. Sure, virtual meetups greatly lower the risk of a bad physical interaction. But many other items are on the table. A person could video you in your most intimate moment and then leverage it as blackmail. There’s lots of bad apples out there.

Whether you meet someone online, or want to pursue virtual sex with someone you know in person, trust is a huge factor.

Do you trust this person to keep the experience private?

Earning and assessing trust online is complicated stuff. But in the end, if you don’t have it, you’ll want to avoid the experience.

Consent Matters

Again, virtual sex creates false illusions. Because we aren’t physically together, people sometimes overlook important stages of romantic encounters. The biggest, most prominent, most imperative stage is consent.

We need to consent to virtual sex. Our partner(s) need to consent to virtual sex.

Before getting virtually hot and heavy, ask direct questions that lead to undeniable consent. Don’t take anything for granted.

If someone is pressuring you into virtual sex and you aren’t comfortable, avoid them. Just because the experience is digitally driven doesn’t mean the need for consent and comfort isn’t present.

Make Sure Your Connection is Safe

If you’re gonna be getting down with your birthday suit self, you want that to happen over a safe connection. This means choosing popular platforms that offer top-notch safety features. Hanging out on a some unknown, less safe platform is an invitation for hackers to scam photos or videos of you. If they can intercept your activity, they can steal your most intimate moments. And that’s not to mention they might phish other personal details, such as passwords.

Its always best to use a strong password on the platform you decide to use. Never let someone talk you into using a platform you’ve never heard of without researching it prior.

Get Comfortable With Sex Toys

Sex toys can vastly improve your virtual sex experiences. This is why adult live cam models use them. But the truth is, many people aren’t super comfortable with sex toy play. When you have virtual sex, sex toys help create more visual experiences that imitate authentic scenarios.

There are lots of different sex toys out there. Research and learn which ones you’ll find yourself most comfortable with. Use them alone, in private, to start.

Be You

Just because you’re virtual doesn’t mean you have to reinvent who you are. Your true authentic self is a great starting point. Sure, maybe virtual sex will inspire you to take on some intimate personality traits you’ve always secretly desired. But don’t try to be someone you aren’t (unless you dig that sort of thing).

You might be virtual, but you are still you. And that’s great. Have fun and keep it loose. While you should always follow proper safety protocols, you shouldn’t stress. Embrace new technology as a way to extend your best sexual self.

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