Maybe you’re a cam girl looking to improve your business. Maybe you’re a cam customer wanting to help yourself when you do go on cam. In any case, this is the adult cam business, so being on camera is almost always in the cards (at least for the cam model). While it may be less frequent for customers, there are times when you might want to have a mutual cam session.

But what if your on-camera appearance is turning the other off?

That’s not good at all. You want your XXX cam counterpart to enjoy the experience also, or else, they’ll cancel you.

Let’s explore how you can improve your cam appearance.

Pay Attention To Your Set

Anytime you’re working on a cam, you should understand the importance of your set. Sure, some cam models are so hot that people will flock to them even if they are presenting themselves in a dump. But most of the time, your set matters.

If you have stale food and laundry strewn, you should clean that up.

Your set doesn’t have to be perfect, it can look lived in. However, keep something in mind. Your goal is to turn their focus to you. If you have clutter behind you, they’ll have a tougher time focusing on you. It is always best to keep your sets simple, organized, and clutter free. You want your set to channel all the energy towards you, not your mess.


adult cam lighting

This is one of the most understated set enhancements. Many people don’t care to help themselves with proper lighting.

Lighting is everything.

If lighting is overexposing you, your skin may look bad. Bad lighting can make your hair seem thinner, your eyes baggier, and your forehead wrinkly.

Good lighting cast a soft, gentle light across your skin. It sets a mood. If you’ve got the halogens from your ceiling blasting, that can convey an artificial vibe. You don’t need to purchase expensive mood lighting. Just find soft bulbs and use them in lamps. If you have a sunny window, face it, don’t put your back to it. Anytime you can catch the natural rays of the sun, you’ll be in a good spot.

Understand Your Angles

cam angles

Look, beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, but most people don’t find double-chins attractive (there is a niche for it, but its not so typical). Unless your audience is into double-chins, you might look to find posture and angles which feature your most attractive perspectives.

This comes from putting yourself on camera for practice, moving around, talking, and then watching until you find the best angles for you. This shouldn’t make you unnatural at all. Instead, it probably comes down to keeping a healthy posture throughout your cam session.

Focus On Skin Health (Reduce or Quit Alcohol)


Let’s face the facts: Alcohol ruins your skin. And having a hangover means baggy eyes and puffy cheeks. If you know you’re going to be on camera, don’t drink the day before or right before the appearance. Going on cam after a big booze night makes you look older and more worn. And the long-term affects of alcohol on the skin isn’t good, either.

You should focus on your skin health by reducing alcohol use and using natural skin creams. Drink a lot of water so the skin stays hydrated. Eat fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. You want your skin to glow while you are on camera. If you are filling your body full of junk, your skin will suffer. And thus, you’ll look bad on camera.

Smile More

adult cam smile

Not every XXX cam experience is the same. If you’re into BDSM, maybe you aren’t gonna wanna convey too much happiness. We get it. But typically, you want to smile and convey a positive vibe. Smiling is a healthy human experience that is contagious. It makes people feel more motivated to take actions, you know, like buy cam tokens.

Giving off the good feels is typically the best way to go.

What Are You Wearing?

adult cam clothing

You probably already pay attention to your clothes, but it’s important to mention anyways. Your clothes matter. You want clothes that accentuate your better features. But you also want to make sure you are choosing clothes that are comfortable and fit your personality.

Sometimes, bright colors overwhelm and distract. Other times, they may pop off the screen and burst with energy. Different clothes offer up different vibes.

Choosing clothes for your cam session should be fun, whether you’re the cam model or the cam client.


When using a cam, whether you’re the model or the client, it is important to pay attention to a few factors. Your skin, your set, and your lighting are the big three you want to watch. By making a few small changes to each, you can give off those sexy vibes.

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