Sure, the title is absurd. But is the idea that live cam sex is better than real sex completely ridiculous?

It’s ridiculous, just not completely.

Let’s get into this and figure out exactly what I mean, folks.

Is Live Cam Sex, Really Sex?

live cam sex

Let’s delve into the heart of this matter. I think at this juncture, we all understand what sex is and what it requires. There’s a physical connection needed in order to have sex and well, reproduce. But while the definition of sex may be sacred, the idea of sex remains relatively fluid.

Virtual reality, for instance, allows digitized instances of sexual connection. Maybe that’s via headset devices and real images of persons, or it’s through simulations which feature caricatures. All the same, it’s virtual sex. And that’s sex.

So yes, you can have sex in a XXX live cam scenario. But you already know that, which is why you are here.

Many people have an affinity towards digitally inspired sexual connections. And that’s why big cam sites are, perhaps, so darn big.

When Are Live Cam Sites Better Than Sex?

There are a lot of ways that live cam sexual experiences can trump traditional sexual scenarios. Let’s explore a few of those.

Explore Sexual Fantasies

First and foremost, consent matters, including in an adult live cam studio. Just because its a virtual connection doesn’t instill a free pass for anything and everything.

That said, many cam girls love to explore niches and fetishes. By using the CamBang search, you can find girls who cater to lots of fun fetishes.

This isn’t to say that real life guys and girls aren’t down with fetishes. They are. But its a tough world for communication. In an adult live cam situation, the exploration potential is typically well-defined. You know what everyone is down for and why they are in the room. You aren’t restricted by the discomfort that a dating relationship might present. By signing into a virtual live cam room, you offer yourself as open to new sexual ideas.

There’s also this feeling of anonymity in a cam room. While you may get to know a live cam model over time, this isn’t someone you likely have known for years and see at the Applebees happy hour every Thursday. By the way, Applebees happy hour is dope if you haven’t tried it. But I digress…

Anonymous, No Strings Attached

I mentioned this in the prior benefits section, but popping into a XXX live cam chat means anonymity and no strings attached.

You’re not attending a matchmaker cocktail hour. Your in a virtual room geared towards those looking for sexual entertainment. You don’t have to worry about leaving the room and getting caught flirting with a bar patron later that evening.

Your time spent in a XXX live cam chat is time spent anonymous. You don’t need to announce your real name or where you live. You can avoid coworkers knowing your sexual kinks.

Virtual Connections Are Hot

Its difficult to replace sex with a real person. Man, how weird was it that I wrote that?

All the same, virtual sexual connections can be ultra-hot.

With the use of high-resolution cameras, instantaneous Internet connections, and high-octane devices, a live chat room sure feels like a real room.

Through advances in technology, it can feel as though you walked into a pornstars bedroom. Its an immersive experience without question. An experience difficult to replicate in a real life often plagued with boredom.

Pornstars aren’t boring. Cam girls aren’t boring. And you can stroll into their world with the click of a button. That’s potent stuff.


Live cam sex can be just as hot, if not hotter, than real sex. A digital connection often means both parties are into more sexual creativity and exploration. Being anonymous means your kinks are kept to yourself and not spread around your community. Digital advances help make our digital connections feel more authentic, as if they aren’t digital at all.

So what are you waiting for? You read this for a reason. Maybe it’s time you explore your inner-fun on

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